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Spousal Support & Child Support Attorney Serving Cincinnati, Ohio

After a divorce, it's common for issues surrounding spousal support and child support may arise. Residential parents, primary custodians, and minor dependents are provided for during a divorce by spousal support and child support. If disagreements continue on those two critical subjects and threaten to delay or derail your divorce, you should speak with my full-service family law firm right away. Conveniently located in the Cincinnati area, I have devoted much of my career to helping couples reach a consensus on support plans, custody, and visitation.

Some divorcing parents feel they are being required to pay too much spousal support. Many support recipients feel that they receive too little child support. The result of all this acrimony is, all too often, contentious and expensive divorce litigation. You can avoid that tiresome, time-consuming endgame by allowing my law office to negotiate on your behalf.

I want to be able to transition your past divorce with a clean slate and a positive mindset. Making sure that all family members are provided for, financially, is key to any smooth transition to post-divorce life. Discuss the specifics of your support goals with me during your free initial consultation.

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Questions About Support?

Child support is based on statutory guidelines called the “Income Shares Model”, authored by the Ohio Legislature. This model is based on the concept that the child should receive the same proportion of parental income that they would have received had the parent remained married. Other factors, such as the health of the child, the financial resources of the parents, and the future earning abilities of the parents, will also be considered.

Appropriate levels of spousal support, or alimony, are arrived at after considering many factors. Many factors are weighed, en route to that determination, such as the length of the marriage, contributions of the parties to the marriage, and each party’s current and future financial and professional position.

Your rights should be protected throughout the process. I will work hard to do that while remaining sensitive to your feelings at this difficult time in your life. Has a sudden job loss caused you to seek a modification of your spousal support or child support obligations? Is a support payer’s intentional unwillingness to cooperate causing you to consider filing an enforcement or contempt order? I invite you to get in touch today to outline your child support and spousal support objectives. Your first consultation is always free of charge.

Spousal & Child Support Attorney Serving Cincinnati, Ohio

Get your family started on the path to freedom and peace by calling us. You can also email my law office. I can arrange an evening or weekend meeting if you need it. My office is conveniently located in the Cincinnati area and I serve clients throughout southwestern Ohio.