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Post-Decree Modification Attorney Serving Cincinnati, Ohio

You deserve attentive personal service and insightful legal advice after your divorce – not merely before or during it. Especially in our turbulent Ohio and national economy, lifestyles can change in an instant, and not for the better. When a post-decree modification to your existing divorce settlement agreement seems necessary, I want to hear from you at my Cincinnati area office. I can explicitly word the modification you need, according to your specific wishes, and prepare it for presentation to a court.

Conversely, if an obligation such as spousal support or child custody is not being lived up to, I can push for an enforcement order that sends a definite message. Both sides need to abide by a divorce agreement, no matter how many ways it may change over the years. Your family law issues are my top priority every working day at Morris Law Office, LLC. I promise hard work, realistic assessments, and personal attention to every problem you bring to me.

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Change Your Obligations as Your Lifestyle Changes

Any aspect of your divorce settlement can be revised, except for property division. Support and custody requirements can be modified, as can a parent’s visitation abilities in light of parental relocation. Do you feel you were shortchanged as to parenting time during the discussions that led to your divorce? Do you want to see that time increase? Do you feel that it is time for the termination of your shared parenting plan?

Whenever a dramatic change arises in your daily life, affecting your income or availability for custody, contact my law office for a free consultation. I will help you work out the post-judgment modification you need.

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My phone number is 513-735-0800. You can also email me to arrange a conversation about modifications. I am available to chat with you on an evening or weekend if you prefer. I serve clients all throughout southwestern Ohio.