Do You Have Visitation Concerns? We Can Help

A solid child custody and visitation plan is central to your transition to a life after divorce. Is that path not as smooth as you had hoped? Are you seeking increased visitation rights? Regardless of your changing visitation needs, my respected Cincinnati area family law firm can help. My name is Tim Morris. My Morris Law Office, LLC, has made a difference in the lives of many families whose transition to separate homes was very difficult. I pledge hard work, an attorney-client relationship based on trust and a sympathetic ear when you need to talk.

My law firm can help you to fully realize the ideal of shared parenting. I can assist you in working out visitation schedules that are agreeable to all. Let’s sit down in an atmosphere of comfort and confidentiality, and get to know each other. Share your goals for your post-divorce life – visitation matters included.

Personalized Family Legal Guidance

A meaningful relationship with your child does not have to suffer due to a dispute over visitation. I am a skilled negotiator. I am aware that each party in this equation has issues unique to themselves. I customize my legal guidance accordingly. This kind of flexibility is necessary for all discussions regarding child visitation. Your family will be better for it in the future. What you need right now is the comfort, compassion and candor that only an experienced family law attorney can provide.

We can discuss your ideas for visitation, parenting time, and what would constitute the right parenting plan for you and your child. I want to be the lawyer you trust with this critical information. Are you being confined to a visitation schedule that limits your access to your child? Are your divorce settlement agreement’s visitation obligations not being lived up to? For the many ways that visitation can go right, and wrong, contact me for a free consultation today. I have answers to your questions, strategies for your problems and sympathy for your situation.

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Call 513-735-0800 to get in touch, or contact me here. Feel free to call it anytime, day or night, to arrange a free consultation. I will respond promptly to any message you leave. I can meet with you off-site, evenings or weekends if you wish. I serve clients all throughout southwestern Ohio.