Answers To Your Child Custody Questions

After a divorce, there is a lot to think about when it comes to your role in your child’s life. I have honest answers to your questions and lasting solutions to your problems. I am Tim Morris, founding attorney of Morris Law Office, LLC, in Cincinnati. I have helped many divorcing couples with child custody arrangements.

Do you want to obtain or change legal custody? Have you been denied access to your child? Are your children being unduly influenced, or alienated by one of you, when fights over custody are conducted in front of them? Bring a new peace to your life. Do yourself, your child and your entire family a service by reaching out to my office today.

An Attorney Who Values The Best Interests Of Your Child

As your lawyer, I will advise you to keep the best interests of your child at the center of your discussions regarding custody. It is well-known by now that children prosper when both parents have consistent, clearly defined roles in their child’s life. I work with residential parents, and those with secondary custody, to arrive at custody schedules that work for everyone.

If a parental relocation issue arises, I help negotiate a resolution that will be amenable to a court. If custody obligations are not being met, I can meet with the parties and counsel and seek enforcement for you.

My law firm is a full-service family law and divorce legal services provider. I personalize my guidance to suit your unique needs. You will know right away that you are not being treated as just another case in a file. What are your goals regarding the custody and visitation phases of your Ohio divorce? Morris Law Office, LLC, can help.

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